The latest at PHR

So this post is all bout Laura and Brad. They were just married and had their honeymoon in Hawaii. Congrats to both of you.

Laura and Brad have recently bought a house. The kitchen is custom made cabinets (possibly by the homeowner). they had an old cooktop of 1970’s vintage and no range hood at all. They asked PHR if we could help them out with this problem. Of course we said yes!

So over the last 4 days we installed a new range hood with a 6″ exhaust that had to be ducted 10′ and a hole cut in the house through 10″ of solid brick. With the right tools and knowledge we accomplished this with ease. Next we had to cut their ceramic tile countertop to fit the new 36″ 5 burner semi-professional cook top. Gas was hooked up and we were off to get the finishes done.

we built a soffit that matches the other soffit in the kitchen in height and elevation. 3 coats of spackle and some paint and they were done. A day earlier than anticipated as i had some really great help in the process with Peggy chipping in for the first 3 days.

We finised the job with a thorough cleaning of the entire kitchen and as they have hardwood floors in the dining room, we used a special product (which we left Brad and Laura) that really shines those older floors.

It was a real pleasure working for Brad and Laura. They were great and grateful clients, and we were happy to do the work for them. Pictures below.


Jerry Giles