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Happy New Year to ALL!

the last few weeks we have been wrapping up a  few jobs and of course celebrating Christs birthday and the new year. We built and installed 2 kitchen benches with loads of storage inside. James and Liz really seem to like it. They were nice people to work for.

in the next few weeks we will be on a flooring tear.  we're going to refinish and install new hardwoods on 2 jobs and tile on another. seems like everyone wants flooring this month. Maybe i should run a flooring special?

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Revamp Your Bathroom Space – 3 Reasons to Hire Home Remodeling Services

By Ray Martin | March 24, 2022

Home is the place where your heart is,’ this is an adage, and indeed it is correct if you’re not happy in the place where you are residing, it will leave an impact on both your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it goes without saying that you must not live in a house that isn’t…

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How To Get Unstuck With Kitchen Renovations Project?

By Ray Martin | January 20, 2022

So, are you thinking of changing the aesthetic value of your living arena? Yes!! Then, it is the right time to go for remodeling services. We all know that when it comes to changing the look of a place, renovation is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or…

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Top 6 Trends For Upcoming Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation In 2022!

By Ray Martin | December 16, 2021

Change is a comprehensively recognized and desired phenomenon. Like a certain job, certain work, and a specific cell make you feel bored after spending a great deal of time with it. Interior decoration is also something that needs changes from time to time. Are you looking for the best kitchen and bathroom renovation services? There…

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Increase the curb appeal of your living arena with professional home renovations services!

By Ray Martin | November 18, 2021

A beautiful home does not only mean a modern kitchen as well as a spotless lavatory. If you really want your real estate property to become a great conversation piece, you need to increase the curb appeal of your home. And it is possible only with home renovations. Home renovation tasks can be time-consuming and…

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